Fragmented soul Founder (fsf) token will be distributed in the form of one bounce sale, to raise funds required to expand the development team and help finish creating fragmented soul. 215,000 fsf tokens will be sold, the rest added as liquidity to uniswap. none will ever be created or sold again, so this is the only opportunity to get them. the fsf tokens will be special tokens redeemable for multiple things, including :
- beta access
- nft packs
- nft items
- Founders game pass
please note that any items acquired via fsf tokens will never be recreated, or re-released. once they are claimed and distributed that is all that there is. This means that these founder items will become quite rare.

Fragmented soul governance (fsg) token will be distributed in the form of gameplay activity and quest completion. the FSG token can only be earned in game via quests, and progressional checkpoints. this enables us to fairly distribute governing power to the players who really deserve it. this will be expanded upon as we are able to integrate more of the block chains features into fragmented soul.
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