Fragmented SOul
Welcome to the official website for Fragmented soul, the first MMORPG built on the lamden blockchain.
What is fragmented soul?
Fragmented Soul is an MMORPG with heavy orientation towards player vs player combat. We believe in fair, balanced play that is won by strategy and skill, rather than gear or buff dependency. however, The most important aspect of Fragmented Soul is that we are fully integrating onto the LAMDEN (TAU) block chain. This enables us to do a whole lot of extra things you cant find in any MMORPG today.
some of these "bonus" features include :
governance and community involvement - using a token on the block chain we can enable our players to get one step more involved by buying and staking our token (fsg) and in return they are awarded vote power on our dfo. this vote power enables them to vote on, or submit proposals involve any and all things regarding fragmented soul and its development.
wagering and in cryptocurrency drops in game - since we are on block chain and this game is skill based this enables us to allow competitive wagering. want to duel someone? lets bet on it 100 tau each winner takes all. doing ranked arenas? 1000 tau wager best 2 out of 3. 
Giving back to the community - we will also be implementing a % of transaction fees returned to the community via boss drops. you see the lamden network rewards developers with 90% of all transaction fees that occur within your application. we plan to set aside a large portion of these transaction fees to be redistributed to the community through boss drops.
NFT skins and abilities - We will also be implementing an in game auction house, allowing all players to trade unique item skins, skills, and special soul fragments. These also generate transaction fees which contribute to the boss loot returns.
Fragmented Soul combines a large variety of gaming elements with block chain technology, while incorporating community involvement and real-world payouts. The game will take many stages, it will develop and grow, and with your help — be the best it can be.
FSF bounce sale info
transparency time! Fragmented soul is conducting a bounce sale in order to fund a team expansion.  we are in need of three more developers and will be raising funds to hire them, as well as pay for any needed resources (software or hardware) via this bounce sale. our marketing will also be funded through this bounce sale. 
Sale will run from 
10/01/2020 at 10 am est
10/07/2020 at 10 am est
 these tokens will be redeemable for multiple things, some of which will be :

- a beta key to fragmented soul
- founder only nft packs 
- founder only nft items
+ more

there will be 250,000 total founder tokens. 215,000 will be sold via bounce sale. 
at a rate of 570 fsf = 1 eth(.60 cents each) ; 215,000 fsf will raise about 377 ether.
*uniswap liquidity will be locked until december when the games beta release is anticipated.*
the funding breakdown will go as follows : 
17-18% to uniswap liquidity (about 67 ether, in addition to the remaining 35,000 fsf)
*this enables a uniswap listing price of .05 cents higher than the token sale.*
15% to current development team (47 ether)
50% to  development team expansion (188 ether)
20% to marketing (75 ether)
*Marketing funds can be locked into a smart contract to release monthly if community deems it necessary.*
Fragmented Soul Team Members:

Hello all, my name is mark! I have been a trader in crypto for many years, and have taken a particular interest in block chain technology in relation to gaming. I am a hobby developer and this is my first large project. Recognizing the clear benefits of the lamden block chain in comparison to the ethereum chain in terms of gaming is something that I saw instantly, as soon as I heard about lamden! I am looking forward to building this with you all. - Mark
This is our official lamden rep, editor and Community Administrator. @chocolatespark will also be filling the role as a GM in fragmented soul when our beta releases. He is also a Community Admin for the lamden block chain and has extensive experience as an editor during his day job.